Amcharts License Agreement

If you have any questions about the above changes or any other licence application, please contact us. Partner Maciej Mikelevic and partner Andrius Iskauskas not only created 5 separate licensing agreements, but also advised customers on possible licensing models. Maciej`s experience in software development has allowed us to speak in the same language as the industry and to better understand the customer`s needs. We can provide any license on Chart 4: Charts, including single website licenses, single application or SaaS website licenses, OEM licenses, extended OEM licenses and more subscriptions and maintenance renewals. To view the fine print of each license, go to our online store and click on the «Read the License» link next to the product/license price. On this page, you can decide which of the types of licenses available matches your case. If you`re not a big fan of reading, jump straight to the comparison chart below, or contact us. Yes, yes. You can upgrade by paying the difference between the two types of license. The free license contains the same functionality as paid licenses, but contains a watermark on each chart. Examples of redistributable software applications: a CMS system, a desktop application, a mobile application. Please note that a single saaS/application license covers application clones on all platforms. Therefore, if you have the same mobile app for z.B.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone, you only need a license. The amendments were designed to make licences more transparent and clear and to relax some of the restrictions that did not make much sense. Yes – on Chart 4: Maps and Chart 4: The timeline add-ons are available. These require you to already own or purchase a license to Chart 4: Charts. If you are interested in the final product of our teamwork, you will find the licenses here on the graph. This type of dual license is suitable for a SaaS (Software as a Service) website or redistributable software. Think of it as a less restrictive OEM license. In addition to the OEM license, it also allows three additional things: If you have a public site (no registration is required), or you are a web developer who wants to develop a website for a client and add diagram or mapping features, the unique site license will do. It includes sub-domains, mirror or translation sites, development and test servers. The purchase of an app/SaaS or an OEM license will also link you to a free 12-month subscription for our legendary priority support service – amPlus™. All graphics licenses in Chart 4 are unlimited for the current main version, including free updates for all secondary versions. Single application or saaS licenses, OEM licenses and extended OEM licenses include a 12-month subscription plus, which also provides priority support and access to all new major releases released during your subscription period.

It is not legal advice. Learn more about filing licenses. This type of license does not limit the physical servers used for execution. A permissive license whose main conditions require the retention of copyright and licensing. Contributors expressly grant patent rights. Licensed works, modifications and major works can be distributed under different conditions and without source code. amCharts does not offer older versions directly for sale. However, purchasing a new license on Chart 4 gives you the right to download and use Chart 3 for free.