Software Trial Agreement Template

1.3. Third-party software. SugarCRM uses or contains some third-party software. The company`s use of SugarCRM, including all third-party software available through APIs, is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to third-party software. A list of licenses and/or third-party advice is available at: The company understands and accepts that all company data exchanged with third-party software is governed by that provider`s privacy policy. Insert a description of the software and/or services. The licensee wishes to give the licensee a reasonable period of time to make the above findings under the following conditions. In light of the reciprocal agreements established in this agreement, the licensee and the licensee agree as follows. Associated computer programs, associated services, support, data compatibility and documentation are called «software.» 2.5. Use data. As part of the provision of the services provided by the agreement, SugarCRM may collect, use, process and store diagnostic and use content from a computer, mobile phone or other equipment it uses to access the SugarCRM product or service.

This may include IP addresses and other information such as Internet service, location, browser type and modules used and/or called (the «use data»), but are not limited to this. However, usage data does not contain business data. The Company accepts that SugarCRM may process usage data to produce and compile anonymous and aggregated data sets and/or statistics on SugarCRM products or services to: (a) maintain and improve the performance and integrity of SugarCRM products or services; (b) understand which SugarCRM products or services are most frequently provided and preferred by customers and how customers interact with SugarCRM products or services, (c) identify the types of SugarCRM services that require additional maintenance or support, and (d) meet all regulatory, legislative and/or contractual requirements, provided these aggregated data sets and statistics do not identify businesses or living persons. 6.8. full agreement; Other conditions. This agreement, along with all the URLs referred to, constitute the full approval of the parties and replace all prior conversations, emails and/or agreements between the parties and are intended to be the final expression of their agreement. To the extent that there is a conflict between this agreement and additional or inconsistent conditions, the terms of this agreement are given priority, unless expressly stated otherwise. Whatever the contrary language of this document, there is no incarnation in another order document (with an evaluation form expressly included in this document) and all of these conditions are invalidated.