The James Bay And Northern Quebec Agreement

44 Ibid., 401. Recommendation 2 states that «the fulfilment of this obligation should take the form of an agreement between the Government of Quebec and the representatives of the Quebec Indian bands, endorsed by the Government of Canada» (that compliance with this commitment should take the form of an agreement between the Government of Quebec and the duly mandated representatives of Quebec Indian groups, ratified by the Canadian government). In 1966, Quebec created the Quebec Territorial Integrity Commission, chaired by geographer Prof. Henri Dorion of Laval University. While René Lévesque held his administrative position with regard to the Inuit in New Quebec, the Dorion commission went under the radar. Five years after its creation, the Dorion Commission published the fourth volume of its final report in March 1971. This volume dealt specifically with the issue of Aboriginal peoples and lands within Quebec`s territorial boundaries. Dorion`s volume marked a significant departure from the assumptions used by Quebec`s northward expansion strategy. The activity of administrator of the federal government, combined with federal oversight and funding, was no longer a politically tasty means of securing the role of the provincial state in New Quebec. Between the signing of the AIP and the signing of the final agreement, the draft agreement was reviewed by various lawyers. Robert Bourassa`s files contain four separate legal opinions on the IPA. The first came from the Legal Affairs Committee; The second footnote 58 was the internal legal counsel of the SDBJ; Footnote 59 the third was the internal opinion of the State Department of Justice; Footnote 60 and the fourth was an outside opinion written by a district judge. Footnote 61 The four opinions have the same final result.

Everyone has advised that the agreement is negotiated within provincial jurisdiction ultra vires. This is the case with the constitutional question that arises from question 91 (24). What happens when a treaty – an intergovernmental agreement – attempts to expand provincial jurisdiction over «Indians and Indian-only countries»? Revised Summary of Final Agreement (revised), November 11, 1975, [77] 1staves.