Icici Po Loan Agreement

You will complete six months of intensive face-to-face and online training at the ICICI Manipal Academy, two months of internship and four months of job market training at the Bank. To follow the Probationary Officer Training Program, interested students must invest rs. 3.15.000 / – plus the tax on services, depending on applicability, total of 3.59.100 / – which would be provided by THE ICICI BANK in the form of loans at a subsidized rate of 2.5% per year. Upon successful completion of all training (including internship and employment training), probation officers are admitted as assistant directors (Volume I) to the bank. Students have the possibility either to benefit from an education loan from the ICICI BANK, or to finance the course fees themselves. THE EMIs for the loan would start from the month of membership in the Bank. If you use an educational loan, you must sign an agreement. The details of the agreement are mentioned in the invitation email. The credit is repaid by probation officers at a monthly equal rate (IME) after entering the bank.

There would be no recovery of EMIs or interest during the training period. Interest accrued during this period would be recovered at the same time as normal EMIs. EMIs are spread over a 60-month period to ensure that there is only a minimal impact on the probation officer`s monthly income. However, if the applicant withdraws during the training or within three years of entering the ICICI Bank after the training, THE ICICI BANK would recover the principal and interest on the market rate on the total amount of the loan for the period during which the amount was granted as a loan to the probation officer. The loan agreement must be signed by the probation officer while he or she is on campus. However, the probation officer must prepare the guarantee form before entering the campus for training. The gross salary upon entry into the bank after the training will be more than Rs. All accommodation expenses and boarding fees, including morning/evening tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner, are covered by IMA. a) Online Check-up: The online exam (target type) consists of two parts – The program fee for the course is Rs.