Transpennine Express Franchise Agreement

The existing Northern Rail and TransPennine Express franchises have benefited from government subsidies and revenues from a sinful population of more than 15 million people. But as might be expected, the loss of profits was at the center of the operators` concerns and investments were postponed, to the point of significant overpopulation throughout the network. • The report also incorrectly finds that «for many years, if not decades, there have been no major changes in working practices and agreements in the sector», if the reality is that almost all classes of the railway have restructured in terms of conditions. RMT believes that franchises should not be fragmented and that the government should instead consider its options for greater integration of operations across the sector. First TransPennine Express recently received a franchise that will offer a series of routes beyond Manchester from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2023. The new franchise belongs to the Firstgroup. The previous franchise, called TransPennine Express, was jointly owned by Firstgroup and Keolis. Taking into account offers for new franchisees should have offered the government a golden opportunity to ensure that all routes were properly served, which the government admits in a different context (for example.B its argument in favour of HS2) to support a region that gave it its full potential. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening. «This new franchise will result in a complete overhaul of train traffic in the north and Scotland,» said Chief Executive Leo Goodwin. Over the next four years, the customer experience will be redesigned with our services with improved catering, more seating, faster trains, innovative ticketing systems and improved travel times. RMT is the best way to communicate with passengers in the event of disruptions, with a view to determining how best to communicate information with passengers through franchised channels and how best to inform passengers in times of disruption.

Passengers have repeatedly expressed their preference for a visible presence of staff, both in stations and on board trains. Only an employee presence can efficiently handle passenger requests and help solve problems. This is especially true in times of turmoil or security risks. Under the new operator and if the roadmap allows, weekend services will be of the same density as weekdays The new franchise will be operated exclusively by First Group, majority shareholder of the previous franchise with Keolis since 2004, the number of passengers having more than doubled during this period, from 13 million to 29 million. The new TransPennine Express (TPE) franchise has debuted and promises radical improvements over the next five years. TPE services connect Liverpool and Manchester to destinations on the east coast, such as Scarborough, Hull and Newcastle, and currently via Carlisle to Glasgow and Edinburgh. RMT believes that the maximum level of contract specification should be used for new franchises, as this would prevent franchisees from sweating assets and reducing services in order to increase profits. As regards risk assistance, RMT argues that there should be no risk support mechanism and that poor performance should be penalised depending on the extent of the poor performance and that the measures should include fines, the possibility of having the franchise withdrawn, the possibility of being exploited by the parent company. and the possibility that the parent company will be prevented from offering for future franchises in Britain.. . .